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The Cultural Schoolbag (TCS) is a national program that ensures that all school-age children in Norway experience professional art and culture. It is the only one of its kind in the world. In Norwegian it is called  DKS.


Producing art on Tømmerkaia

We are developing a new DKS program for the Vestfold & Telemark county council as part of a concept for an outdoor cultural park on Klosterøya in Skien. Together with Skien high school and local artists, Urban Space Lab AS is testing out ideas.


Our project explores the ever-changing nature of art and the different cultural and social contexts from which it emerges. The story of the nuns who ran the Benedictine Abbey for 400 years was wiped out by the wood industry in 1916, and there is nothing lefts but seeds in the soil. Understanding biology in the face of climate change motivates artists to focus on living ecosystems as a setting for modern art.

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