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Founder of Urban Space Lab AS, Laurie Vestøl, was project leader for a city renewal program in the municipality of Skien from 2007 - 2015. In consultation with property owners and regional and national government offices, our team financed the Mosaic project with over 3 million USD. Spriten art hall, art consultant Tom-Erik Lønnerød, set aside 300 000 USD to fine art installations in the outdoor courtyards.

Fascinated by the philosophy of art and how artists imagine, create, and perform works of art, our team instigated a wide range of visual, literary arts, performing arts and culinary arts. Each local artist was responsible for the cross-aesthetic expression, working with architects and landscape architects to create room for art. Site-specific art resulted in courtyard wanderings and events, managed by Silje Honningdal. 

An excerpt of these follow:

Henrik Ibsensgate 10 & Torggata 9: Glass art. “Glass chandelier” and “Glass flowers” by Tuva Gonsholt

Henrik Ibsensgate 10: Dance. Performance with Jannicke Irwin Abrahamsen. Music by André Kassen

Mersmakkontoret: Culinary arts. Office for food festival by Pernilla Bach & Kjetil Harket

Torggata 9: Contemporary jazz. Bugge Wesseltoft

Telemarksgata 14: Ceramic art. “Dandelion” by Kari Skoe Fredriksen

Telemarksgata 14: Steelwork. “Sit down” by Grete Rokstad

Skistredet 7: Theatre. Bakgårdsbarn project, «Gåva» av Gyri Axe Øvsteng.

Torggata 11: “Floating timber” by Eggertson Rintala Architects

Torggata 11: Poetry. «Skjulte Steer i Sjeen» by Aina Villanger.

Market square: «To heaven» by Morten S. Larsen

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