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News about the workshop with NORA and MIRAGE

May 26, 17:30-19:25

Watch the performance on youtube:

Dance as a Driver of Inclusion

NORA, National and Regional Arena for dance in Vestfold Telemark is researching social inclusion through contemporary dance with Norwegian, American and Danish dancers. Director and choreographer Tine Fossmo presented her work with inclusion that started as an international project called “Allegience”. In 2020 a collaboration with the Backyard Youth Center in Telemark resulted in the performance called “exclusion:RACISM”. Tine discussed internal & external space and show interviews with the youth involved in the performance. On June 11 this year, “exclusion:MENTAL HEALTH” was performed in the courtyard of the community cultural center.

Online performance “Mirage” by dance company “Priestor súčasného tanca” (“Space for Contemporary Dance”) from Kosice, Slovakia was live streamed. The dance performance piece is inspired by the artistic work of Catalan visual artist Joan Miró. Joan Miró + image = MIRAGE. Two Slovak dancers and choreographer Katarína Rampáčková work with Finnish dancers Georgie Goater, Siiri Tiilka with Down syndrome and Noora Västinen with a physical disability to create the performance that presents three bodies in a unique way. “I am a straight rim and sharp corner. Endless. The color would be a light gray. I am inside a shape –encaptured. Float to the bottom. I would like to learn to dance freely and enjoy it. My vertical sides reach towards the skies and reach towards the earth. Formless shape, a shapeless form. It can be explored through the body. I am one part. Stretching and shrinking but unchanging. I am looking for others.” (Performers).

Tine Fossmo

Anne-Kathrine (Tine) is founding Director of NORA, National and Regional Competence center for Dance in Vestfold and Telemark. In 2011, Tine opened the center to produce and practice contemporary dance in the Telemark region. Professional dance forums bring together a wide variety of individuals working in the performance industry to discuss immediate, field-wide issues. NORA organizes two dance festivals every year and runs dance programs. Tine, as artistic director, has initiated dance workshops and performances about social exclusion.


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