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News about the workshop with Urban Space Lab and CIKE

Find the meeting here

Interdisciplinary Online Lab on Inclusive Culture 7th April kl. 17-19

A community can develop connections to place, identity and belonging through art. We are interested in transdisciplinary projects that explore hybrids and address a common problem. URBAN SPACE LAB AS and artist mentor Arild Berg from OSLOMET held an online lecture on citizen participation, landscape sustainability and art installations in Norway.

CIKE elaborated further on the inclusive culture: How do we open the cultural spaces and events to all people in the city? What are the real barriers for different groups? How can we overcome them? As a part of the action plan for the new Cultural Strategy, CIKE is developing inclusive solutions for cultural spaces and events in Košice with the aim to strengthen the diversity and accessibility to cultural activities. The participatory process is led through the Living Lab methodology involving cultural operators, different communities, NGOs, policy makers and educators. Concluding the lab, Travers AS tried out their digital program to see what happens when a Norwegian design firm involved CIKE’s participants in an impromptu online living lab.

About the speakers:

Urban Space Lab, Laurie Vestøl is an environmental artist who develops new landscapes for the arts. She founded Urban Space Lab to explore connections between sustainability, place and belonging. Art is a form of communication that stimulates through the senses and explores what it is to be human: the experience of the beautiful, mysterious, imaginative, and symbolic. Today, the shrinking of nature in our collective imagination and cultural conversation is most likely due to not spending time outdoors. Can communities reconnect to nature through art?

Arild Berg (1966) is Professor in Artistic Research in Art, Applied Art, and Design with a specialization in Product Design including the ceramic tile, architectural ceramics and participatory methods in public art. He teaches at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway. He has a Doctor of Art in Artistic research in Public Space from Aalto University in contemporary art. His research is about collaboration between professional practitioners for cross disciplinary innovation. Link:

Barbora Andor Tóthová is a co-founder of Kino Úsmev. As a project manager, she has started inclusive programs in the cinema in the last three years - autism friendly screenings, blind friendly, deaf friendly, Inclusive Film Festival, Inclusive Film School and Inclusive Film Camp. At the same time, she is engaged in cultural research and works as a doctoral student at the Faculty of Economics of the Technical University in Košice.

Zuzana Zmatekova is a textile designer, researcher and textile artist currently based between Stockholm, Helsinki and Bratislava. Her work is inspired by environmental and societal issues, sustainability and social inclusion using design. Her latest socially oriented project Amenge, presents a collection of textile prints designed in collaboration with Romani kids in Slovakia, aiming to present Romani culture outside of the common ethnic stereotypes, fight racism and built positive image of the contemporary Romani culture. 


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