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Soil pollution is the principle concern in Europe. Industrial waste has polluted our park soil in Skien for 100 years. How can we then start a student urban agriculture initiative here?

Phytoremediation uses various types of plants to stabilize or destroy contaminants in the soil and groundwater. The first step is chemical - to determine noxious substances in the soil. Steinar Moe Property, Urban Space Lab, Århus gård, Rambøll AS and Skien high school organized soil surveys to explore the problem and future interventions on site.

In December 2018, we sampled the soil quality on site – 70 students in chemistry, natural sciences and media students. A group of 30 consultants worked side by side with the students to determine possible procedures to clean the soil. In October 2020, our team of students and consultants will have a workshop with NMBU and the National Center for Urban Farming to work out practical implementations on site.


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