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News about the workshop: matching culture with funding

Webinar 22. June from 11:00-12:30

Find the webinar on You Tube:

The sixth online webinar presented financial opportunities that support the Slovak - Norwegian cultural cooperation. Information about new funding and EEA grants can help cultural businesses and artists in both countries to establish projects together. Haidi Al-Juboori from Vestfold Telemark County Council talked about international funding opportunities and initiatives for stakeholders and municipalities.

CIKE and Urban Space Lab recapped “SLOVAK-NORWEGIAN CULTURAL MATCHING” and the five webinars, a baseline for further cooperation. We presented a follow up conversation with Joanna Magierecka about art & public space in Notodden. Anna Trávničková from KAIR (Košice) presented residency programs in Košice which can open possibilities for travel and exchange. Tor Erling Naas, Norwegian cartoonist, drew a graphic recording of the event.

About the speakers:

Martin Mojžiš

Martin Mojžiš of Creative Industry Košice (CIKE) manages and is part of international projects for developing cultural and creative industries, mobilities, and business models. He lives and works in Košice.

Anna Maria Trávničková

Anna Maria Trávničková has been working in Šopa Gallery and KAIR Košice Artist in Residence for four years. She is responsible for the productions and social media in the framework of residency program KAIR. She is working on her masters on Department of British-American studies on University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik (Košice), where she earned the bachelor degree from gender studies and culture.

Haidi H. Al-Juboori

22 years old, born in Iraq, International Consultant for Vestfold and Telemark County Council, working with information and knowledge sharing about European development programs. I have a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of South-Eastern Norway where I graduated in 2021.

Joanna Magierecka

Joanna Magierecka is associate professor in drama and theatre at University of South-Eastern Norway. She works with artistic research through installations, videoart and sound. She has been researching participatory strategies, using contemporary art and relational aesthetics as an approach, and has a great passion for including and involving people of every age as contributors in her artworks. She works mostly with site and human specific art, and use it as a lens to see what stories and objects lie behind the facade of everyday life. Joanna is educated as Dramaturg, and before her employment at the USN she worked as freelance performer, dramaturge, project manager and theatre pedagogue.

Tor Erling Naas

Tor Erling Naas lives on a small island in southern Norway. He is a comic book artist, writer, musician, and graphic recorder. Whether drawing, writing, or singing, it is always about storytelling.


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