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Skien, Norway

When: Spring 2021

Grant from Vestfold & Telemark art council, DKS pilot program

Stakeholders: Urban Space Lab AS, MCBA, Skien high school, Århus Farm co-op and Roger Bratseth

Paper artists: Anne Haglin and James Kleiner

The art of papermaking connects our DKS project to the cultural heritage of the site. Klosterøya with its waterfalls was perfect for papermaking, and for over 100 years the Union paper mill produced 240,000 tons of newsprint and book paper. Skien high school has just purchased a beater for processing pulp. Together with experts from Minnesota Center for Book Art in USA, Urban Space Lab AS will instigate paper labs in 2021. Artists Anne Haglin and James Kleiner will teach us different techniques for making paper.

One technique in papermaking is to treat fiber suspended in water. Chemistry teacher Taran Høyer harvests plants and the students try freezing, cooking and treating them in different ways before putting them in the new beater for pulp. Another process involves potash (potassium carbonate) that has been used in papermaking since about AD 500. Research teacher Kåre Høyer and his students will use a kiln to make lute and break down celluloid fibers. Different techniques give a variety of handmade paper with different structures, textures and colors.

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