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Steinar Moe Property (SME), together with public-private stakeholders, are developing the new public park on Tømmerkaia as a laboratory for the production of art, gardens and educational facilities. The park as a `Labora` is collective idea emerging from several parallell processes. Firstly with Growlab and artist Elin Sørensen working with the KORO art project "Pyrolab" in collaboration with Skien High School and Spriten art hall. Also Eirin Støen and Dagur Eggertssons sound sculpture titled 1110. Then the fruit forest and garden farms implemented by Fylkesmannen, Grenland Landbrukskontor, Århus farm, Nanna Løkka (medieval research), Per Arvid Åsen (cloister plants), Efferus (permaculture) and Grete Rokstad (container city). Now plans for the cultural school bag, Subtropical greenhouse, Micro power station and Biolab with Skien High School, Fylkeskommune, NMBU and the National Center for Urban Farming. Project coordinator and fundraiser for the owner SME is Urban Space Lab.


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