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A community can develop connections between place, identity and belonging through art. Art is a form of communication that stimulates through the senses and explores what it is to be human: the experience of the beautiful, mysterious, imaginative and symbolic. We are interested in transdisciplinary projects that explore hybrids. 

Different disciplines working jointly can address a common problem. According to millennials, the destruction of natural resources is our number one problem in 2020. Next on the list is global and religious conflict, poverty and corruption. 

Through our labs, we include stakeholders in defining project objectives. For example, Eco Moyo’s vision is to educate children in Kenya Africa and reduce poverty. NORA expresses the problem of social exclusion and conflict through dance. Skien high school investigates natural resources such as bedrock, soil, water and vegetation through the medium of art in order to restore the landscape. Bratromvegen is building a garden for their residents to practice urban farming. The sense of place arises from the experiences of those using the site. Authenticity and character develop as we work together to understand the context, live and work in the landscapes that we care for. 


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