Steinar Moe Corporation purchased 4 hectares of land on one of the most beautiful waterways in the world. He is building a new city district in Skien, Tømmerkaia. Urban Space Lab AS is project manager for urban agriculture and green initiatives. Our partner, Århus farm co-op is a CSA (Community-supported agriculture). Skien high school and the 1100 students are using the park site as a laboratory for education. Our site has great potential as an arena for co-creation. Garden heritage inspires our work with urban farming.


In 2019 we held the first eight lab series for different classes to investigate the soil, water, vegetation and plans for development. Urban Space Lab AS hired experts in the natural sciences to lead the labs. 


In 2020 we had two plant safaris, one with 40 teachers and another with 30 students. Our goal is to connect horticultural traditions to modern art in the park. Living labs work with water systems and blue-green metabolisms. Urban ecosystems are essential for the survival of our planet.