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This cultural event has been cancelled, due to the pandemic. International travel is still risky and we need to hinder the spreading of COVID-19 variants.

Original invitation under is no longer relevant.

Welcome to papermaking from the 30th of August - the 3rd of September 2021 in the new park on Klosterøya in Skien! Paper Lab is an interactive experience for participants of all ages in papermaking, pulp-painting, and using plants to color paper. At 10:00 am monday through thursday, five professional artists demonstrate papermaking techniques to participants and engage in a dialogue about the history of plants used by the nuns at Gimsøy abbey. Maybe we can still find plants that were grown in the Middles ages for our handmade paper? Tools in this mobile art studio are adaptable for people of all ages and abilities. Our neighbors at Skien High School are especially invited to join our Paper Lab! The paper that the participants make is unique, embedded with native seeds, and carries a little piece of Telemark. Whether it hangs on your wall or gets planted in the garden, handmade paper will grow the arts in your community. Afterwards, at 12:00, Århus farm coop will serve onion soup. And the onion peels go back into our papermaking activity the following day.

About the artists:

Anna Haglin is an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at MSU Moorhead. James Kleiner is a papermaker at Cave Paper in Minneapolis. They will be traveling from USA to lead our Paper Lab. Halden Bookworks with Johan Solberg and Radha Pandey will be demonstrating Nepalese and European papermaking techniques. Grete Rokstad will lead the printmaking sessions.


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