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Fungi play a crucial role in the balance of ecosystems, and as decomposers and recyclers

will be important to our fruit forest. A type of mushroom, mycelium, connects the root systems of trees, allowing them to communicate like a high-speed internet connection.

Mushroom farming, or Fungiculture, is a profitable sector of the agricultural business. Students started small-scale mushroom farm with Efferus and Århus farm coop. In May 2019, hardwood logs (oak, beech and maple) we inoculated with the mycelium of the shiitake fungus and blue oyster. 30 students drilled holes in hardwood logs, filling the holes with cultured shiitake mycelium, and then sealing the filled holes with hot wax. Left to incubate for 12 to 15 months, we will soon arrange another lab to harvest the mushrooms and test their consumption in the school café.


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